Largo Hydrophonic Leak Detection Services

Dependable Leak Detection Methods in Pinellas County 

Thanks to the development of technology, it has become easier than ever to ensure your property is safe from pool leaks, so long as you consult a team of professionals. With hydrophone devices, our leak experts at All County Plumbing and Leak can target even the most minor leaks in your pools and other large appliances. Just to reach out for more information about our dedicated Largo HydroPHONIC leak detection.

What Is a Hydrophone Device & How Does It Work?

The term “hydrophone” is an appropriate one for this innovative piece of equipment, since “hydro” means water and “phone” means sound. It may be helpful to think of a hydrophone as a kind of microphone, but one that is specially designed to be submerged in water to amplify sounds. The hydrophone’s ability to work depends on the relationship between water’s weight and pressure. When tons of water press into a dedicated shape (like a swimming pool) but there is a leak from a hole or crack, the resulting pressure makes a certain distinct sound as the water is squeezed through the gap. 

Although this sound is impossible to hear with human ears, like that of air escaping from a balloon over several days, powerful hydrophone devices can locate the sound. Once the hydrophones find the loudest spot, your dedicated technicians can mark the exact location where they will then arrange to make repairs to fix the leak.

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Benefits of Using Hydrophones for the Leaks

Even though so many advantages come from investing in hydrophonic detection of stubborn leaks, multiple people worry about the potential costs. Few realize a detection conducted by hydrophone specialists is a good way to save money. One reason for this is that hydrophone technology is much faster than traditional methods. 

Since the process is more rapid, it does not require time-intensive work, significantly cutting down labor costs. Moreover, with hydrophonic leak detection, your plumbing team does not have to invade your beautiful backyard and intricately planned landscaping. This means that you will be saved from paying pricy restoration costs.     

Where Can You Use Hydrophonic Leak Detection

Several spots around your home where hydrophonic detection will come in handy. If you have a pool, you will especially benefit. It can be particularly hard to spot the cracks within such a large basin. Nevertheless, hydrophonic technology makes leak detection effortless for a talented team of plumbing experts. Other places that can benefit include your spas, hot tubs, and even your irrigation system. If you are still on the edge of the fence about whether hydrophone technology would work for your home’s unique layout, a dedicated consultation with All County Leak Locators may help you decide. 

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